In addition to the information general to all Crosspoint Academy school on the About Us page, the following is information specific to the Strand location school:

Crosspoint Academy - Strand is set up for Grades RR and R (Pre-K and Kindergarten), as well as Grades 1 thru 9. The ideal and maximum classroom size is established as 20 to 24 children per class (establishing a student to teacher ratio of 20:1 to 24:1). Currently we are at a maximum capacity of 290 learners with separate Primary and Middle School buildings.

It is an urban school, located in the heart of Strand, adjacent to the beach (near the Friedman & Cohen shop).

The school has existed from 2013. Since May 2018 it was renamed as Crosspoint Academy – Strand, having moved from the rural plot in Firlands to the now urban location in the Central Business District of Strand, Cape Town.

School fees are paid either annually (at discount), or divided (interest-free) into 11 monthly payments (no payments for the December month).

The school follows the government-standard CAPS curriculum. And is English Home Language with Afrikaans First Additional Language.

It is registered with the Western Cape Education Department (Registration Number: 0100000361) and is overseen by The Crosspoint Foundation (NPO 194-108) and is itself a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 224-366).

Each grade and class has a dedicated, qualified teacher. Additionally, a Volunteer Program is integrated with the school; assisting in the classroom with the teachers and daily activities with the children in school.

The school follows the standard government school year from January to December; including holidays and term breaks.

We have been blessed from the 2019 school year to be able to provide a healthy hot lunch to each child at the school, free of charge to them or their parents. this has transpired through the generosity of project:help in Germany whom have funded the entire feeding scheme for the year. And we hope to incorporate a free food scheme in the upcoming years.

We further get support through other global organisations such as Provisions of Grace and the music group Unisono.

Crosspoint Academy - Strand does not yet have after-school programs, nor sports programme, but is endevouring to incorporate it into the school.


The School

Contact and Location:

12 Pickle Street


Cape Town

South Africa

(Adjacent to Friedman & Cohen shop)


Phone: +27 61 126 6542

To pay your next months school fees (or if you have any late / outstanding balance or arrears), you can pay via EFT through an ATM or via online banking. We also have a card-machine at the school. You must use your given CPA number specefic to your child (each child). Failure to do so may result in your payment not being credited to your account.

Additionally, if you are making a donation, please do so through The Crosspoint Foundation.

Banking details are as follows:

  • Account name:  Crosspoint Academy - Strand
  • Bank:  Standard Bank
  • Account no:  10116118332
  • Branch:  Helderberg
  • Branch no:  051001

  • Address: Shop 1 Triangle,

    House Value Ring Road

    Somerset Mall, Somerset West

School Fee Payments


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