Globally United. Education for South Africa.

Established here in South Africa, The Crosspoint Foundation (NPO 194-108) organisation has been founded to create and oversee all the Crosspoint Academy schools. From the first school in Strand, the goal of the organisation is to establish multiple low-fee private schools in the Helderberg region of Cape Town, South Africa.


The Board of this organisation is made up of both National and International Members--connecting individuals and other organisations from across the globe. These Members as a whole maintain the Vision, Direction, and Protection of the School (and the organisation as a whole). Additionally bringing in donor funding that helps grow and maintain existing schools; but also helps provide funding to build new schools.



  • The organisation’s main objectives are: Provide a funding, governance, administration and management structure in order to be able to provide affordable, sustainable and quality education to learners through the development, establishment, and oversight of low-fee Independent Schools.
  • The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to work in collaboration with other local and international donor organisations in order to ensure the availability of suitable facilities and adequate funding for the Schools. Also, because most learners enrolled in the Schools are from disadvantaged backgrounds, the organization seeks to secure temporary and/or partial sponsorship of school fees for students in need.

With this purpose, we hope to continue to expand and develope Crosspoint Academy schools!

Purpose & Vision for Schools

The climate, beauty and favorable economic conditions of the Western Cape promotes an influx of migrants, year over year. The current market of the Somerset West / Gordons Bay / Strand area is a high-demand place to live. This high demand is not only coming from people with high incomes; there is also a flood of new low-income inhabitants as well. Within the high-income areas of Gordons Bay and Strand there are many low-income areas including the townships of Nomzamo, Lwandle and Zola. These are high traffic areas for many South African families, as well as African refugees with children from Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia.


Because of the diversity of the families and children in the townships, these families and children often face hardships physically and financially. Even local xenophobia in the governent schools make life difficult for them. This is why we are inclusive of all children (including Black, Coloured, and White Africans); and why we strive to provide the lowest school fees possible for the families.


Making the school financially available for families in poverty is critical. The children attending our school come from the areas of Nomzamo, Lwandle, Zola, Strand, and Gordon’s Bay. Most suffer from financial hardships and have difficulty placing their children in schools. With some single mothers only able to bring home R3 500 a month (€170 / $190), sending their children to a private school can be too costly; which is why our school fees are one of the lowest at only R1350 per month (€65 / $70).


Culturally, language barriers are also evident; this is due to diverse South African indigenous languages, and the many unique languages of other African countries. Thus, it becomes difficult for many to learn in schools where Xhosa or Afrikaans are the languages of instruction. At our school, English (common to most of the children) is used as the language of instruction and English is taught as Home Language; with Afrikaans taught as the First Additional Language.


Additionally, we want all our schools to be inclusive; helping children with learning differences. We have children in the school that would not make it at a government school or private school that cannot cater to the specific needs of the child. But through counseling, volunteer support, specific one-on-one learning, and other methods, we have been able to assist children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Autism.


The school we have and want to continue to establish as Crosspoint Academy is a welcoming place for all. We are targeting the Helderberg area which does not have enough schools for the populous. And in an area where work can be scarce, employing qualified teachers and staff helps families beyond just a focus on the children in school.


With these goals, we already have a determined support group of individuals, teachers, parents, and children who want to see the success of the organisation and development of schools. Currently, oversees donors have been supporting us from Germany, the Netherlands, and United States; and we welcome all those who want to share in this heartfelt desire!



To make a donation from outside of South Africa, you may go through one of our international partner organisations:



When donating, please make a note that the funds are for The Crosspoint Foundation or Crosspoint Academy - Strand.



If you are making a donation in South Africa, you may use the following banking information for an EFT transfer. Please add "Donation" as a reference to your EFT.


Banking details are as follows:


Account name:  The Crosspoint Foundation
Bank:  Standard Bank
Account no:  072473894
Branch:  Helderberg
Branch no:  051001
Address: Shop 1 Triangle,
House Value Ring Road
Somerset Mall, Somerset West


As a South Africa Public Benefits Organisation (PBO), all donations in South Africa are Tax Deducible.